QUELAB – Went there. Joined That. Got the T-Shirt

Went there. Joined that. Got the T-Shirt Hey, it comes with free Asteroids! As someone who loves to build things, I’m really very lucky. When I was a youngster my dad’s shop was my playground. Granted, we didn’t have lasers and 3D printers but we did have a pretty complete set of tools and a few interesting items like welders and cutting torches. Today I have all that fun stuff over at Vanguard Technology Corp. including the laser and 3D printer. But what if you…

Found Art

When people stop by the design lab (in this case my daughter) there is always something to occupy their hands and minds. There are things like clay, or paper, or electronics bits, or laser cut plastic, or paint or… well you get the idea. After hanging out for a while and a nice visit they leave. The next morning you find something like this little painting left on the table. No story, or title or why, just this little graphic. I’ll hang it on the…

3D Printed Tooling for injection molding

Injection molding your next product? Then you know that molds can set you back a $mall fortune. 3D printing goes a long way in making sure the part geometries are just right before pulling the trigger on molds but there may be a next step. What if you could test side actions, draft, gating, finished material properties? 3D printing the molds themselves may be the answer. Check out this encouraging video:    

Spirits Review for Brothers Old Tom Gin $37.50.

This just in… Brian Langwell over at Left Turn Distilling knows how to craft an AMAZING gin! When it comes to building things it doesn’t always have to be machined or 3D printed. Not only has Brian crafted this gold medal winning gin, he produces it in a still that he also hand crafted. Did I say GOLD MEDAL winning gin crafted right here at Albuquerque’s first and foremost craft distillery. Yes, I did and I would love to come up with a way to…

Build a Consistent Social Brand

I’ve been using the same profile picture for years… Hope it still looks like me! If you are looking to create an online Social Brand here are some good tips to get you thinking. Build a Consistent, Relevant and Memorable Social Brand | Social Media Today.