3D printing is back online

2013-12-29 08.46.19

After moving it to the new Vanguard Office, the Stratasys is back on line and churning out parts. It’s a good thing because these parts are headed off to some industry meetings and trade shows. There was a little bit of panic after reassembly when the display came up with an error code I hadn’t seen. A bit of digging in the maintenance manual revealed… that I’m a twit. Yep, there it was in the manual “Your a twit!”. Ok, the manual gave some cryptic cause that lead me to look at the back of the machine and that’s when I discovered that I had not connected the other end of the umbilical between the machine and the material trays.

2014-01-19 15.47.12

Ummm, I’m now out of yellow material so the upper half of this big chemical fitting is going to end up being done with green. If you’re saying, “hey that looks like a giant grounding block”, then you are probably an electronics geek.

2014-01-20 21.42.50

Over 400 grams of ABS. This guy’s a chunk!

It’s a laser Charlie…

It was not long after I purchased the Epilog laser that the Charlie the Unicorn mime hit. It’s been years but we (ok, mostly just me) still slip into Charlie the Unicorn parody voices when talking about the laser. “Look Charlie it’s cutting lots of pretty letters”. If you haven’t seen the Charlie the Unicorn video check it out at the bottom of this post.

Now that the laser cutter has been moved in and compressed air and ventilation has been plumbed, the first logical project was to create a new shingle for the Vanguard Technology office.

2014-01-19 15.12.48

Oh Geez! The last clear coat wasn’t quite dry when I put it up and I pressed a giant thumb print right in the middle ha ha, “Character I say! it adds Character”.


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